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All Exquisite Natural Flavors and a proprietary derivative of hemp extract isolate powered by Vessl™ technology

We’re a Black Female-owned and lead company focused on offering customers immediate access to the best hemp-infused beverages. Axis™ Hemp In A Cap currently offers 4 amazingly exquisite flavors Strawberry Daiquiri, Mighty Mango Daiquiri, Lemon Drop Daiquiri and Tropical Berry Daiquiri in Our exclusive launch line of hemp beverages.

We service North America and are expanding into the African, Latin American, and European markets. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone has access to the extraordinary benefits available from incorporating a quality hemp-infused product into your daily wellness regimen. It’s said that derivative of Hemp extract isolate provides outstanding benefits, and we are committed to ensuring the quality experience you desire every single time.

What makes Axis™ Hemp In A Cap Beverages Differs using patented Vessl™ technology that stores the concentrated blend in the pressurized cap. Ensuring Freshness in every sip, 

Axis™ Hemp In A Cap

4 Mouthwatering Delicious Flavors



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Axis™ Hemp In A Cap

Currently offers the Axis™ Hemp In A Cap brand of 4 amazing hemp-infused, refreshing and delicious beverages. We provide a proprietary blend of flavors that are infused with a full 25 mg. of a derivative of hemp extract isolate, making every sip a deliciously exquisite experience. We are confident you will be impressed with the quality taste and overall results!

What makes the Axis™ Hemp In A Cap beverages different? Our company uses the patented Vessl™ technology that
stores the concentrated blend in the pressurized cap. The blend is released only when you twist the cap,
and it’s mixed with electrolyte infused water right before you drink it. This patented technology removes the
oxygen, causing no loss in potency, and eliminating the need for any chemicals or preservatives. All you
have to do is to give it a try for yourself.

The reasons to consistently drink the Axis™ Hemp In A Cap beverages are plenty:

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