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Flourishing Goods CBD, LLC (“The Company”) is formed as an Arizona for-profit limited liability company. The company’s mission to provide premium, curated quality CBD programs for the general consumer. It intends to build its market in the United States, Latin America and Africa, and to eventually expand into the European market.

The Market

Projected Market Share

Product Line

The company has developed an initial product line of three (3) CBD infused beverages, namely, Triple Berry, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mango. Each beverage, which was developed by the Company’s CEO is a proprietary blend of flavors infused with CBD Isolate to create a refreshing 20 mg. healthy and tasty beverage.


Flourishing has licensed the Vessl™ technology to incorporate into its beverages. Vessl™ is a patented bottle closure, which provides instant and pressurized mixing of the beverage with alkaline water immediately prior to use.
By purging oxygen from headspace and preserving the active content under pressure of an inert gas such as nitrogen, Vessl™ reduces or prevents degradation and eliminates the need for chemical preservatives in perishable items.

Benefits of the Beverage

How It Works

Marketing Plan

Management Team

Ja-nice Johnson

Mother, Entrepreneur and Inventor was born in New York, NY. The brainchild behind Flourishing CBD Goods previously founded a technology company, Med Metrics Technology LLC and its umbrella company MedDex app.

Mechelle Tucker

Marketing guru Mechelle Tucker is the owner of 1st Class Consultants, a marketing and branding company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Mechelle has championed her client’s brands on social media as well as in celebrity branding events. She has been working with Flourishing to help it establish a brand of premium CBD products that can be distributed nationally and internationally on a global scale.

Ingrid Joiya-Warrick, JD.

Ingrid Joiya-Warrick has been working with the company to help it to establish itself within the CBD market. A native of Chicago, Ingrid is an attorney by education, and a former national board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Ingrid is the co- author of the book, “Being Black or Brown in the Green Rush” – A Practical Guide for Women and People of Color to Make Money in the Legal Marijuana Industry [10-10- 10 Publishing – Canada].

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Sources and Uses of Funds - Second Infusion


Sources and Uses of Funds - Third Infusion


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